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We Are A AAA Affiliate

Hello, We are your tires, and we are writing in to tell you about Clarke Automotive Systems. Not only do they have a great staff with honest and expert mechanics, they are also a AAA Approved Auto Repair affiliate. The AAA logo gives motorists an assurance that they will get quality auto repairs and service they can rely on. As further evidence of the expert automotive repair that you will get at Clark, we would like to share some customer reviews with you from their Testimonials page. Clark Automotive Systems consistently rates high in customer satisfaction. They give you a fair price and all the information you need so there are no surprises at the end of the job when it is time to pay

Preventable Auto Repairs Must Be Avoided (Part 5)

Hello, This is your tires again.We are writing about the importance of taking your vehicles in on a regular basis for maintenance at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. As you know from reading our previous posts, we are reviewing the preventive maintenance services offered at Clark by their team of expert auto mechanics. Here are a few more of the professional maintenance services Clark Automotive Systems offers that can save you from hefty auto repair bills. Air Conditioning service - Although cars no longer use the refrigerant known as Freon, the modern cars use one known as R-134. It does not need to be “topped off” regularly. However, if you notice that your AC is blowing out warm air on hot days when it is properly turned on, then you may have a leak or need more added. Battery inspection - Batteries go bad over time and don’t hold a charge. Clark ... read more

Expensive Repairs Can Be Avoided (Part 4)

Hello, This is your tires writing you about the importance of taking your vehicles in for regular maintenance at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. As you know from reading our previous post, we are reviewing the maintenance services offered by the expert auto mechanics at Clark. Here are a few more of the maintenance services they offer that can save your car from needing expensive auto repairs. Fan and belt inspection and replacement - We can’t go anywhere without the serpentine belt. It’s our unheralded hero. Most people don’t even know importance of the serpentine belt. If you are seeing cracks that are close together, bring it in so Bob or one of the other expert mechanics can take a look at it. Vehicle Inspection - Are you thinking of buying a used car but are worried about what trouble might be brewing in the prospective car? Bring it in an ... read more

Avoid Expensive Repairs With Regular Maintenance (Part 3)

Hello, This is your tires writing you to urge you to visit Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. We are reviewing the expert maintenance services offered by the Clark auto mechanics. We will pick our list up where we left off at the end of our previous post. Here are just a couple of the maintenance services they offer that can save you from needing expensive auto repairs in the long run. Transmission inspection - Transmissions are very expensive to rebuild or replace. If there is some damage to your transmission, an inspection may reduce the damage that would ultimately be done if left unchecked. Radiator inspection and service - Your radiator keeps coolant flowing through your engine so it doesn’t overheat. If there’s trouble brewing in your cooling system, it’s better to find out in the shop rather than on the roadside. Just like you ... read more

Regular Maintenance Prevents Expensive Auto Repairs (Part 2)

Hello, This is your tires again. If you recall from our previous blog post, we are listing some inexpensive maintenance services that your expert auto mechanic can perform at Clarke Automotive Systems to help you avoid costly repairs down the road. (Do you see what I just did there?) We are working off a list of their preventive maintenance services, and one of the first things that stands out is that they’ll even remind you when it’s time for a service: “We offer a complimentary email reminder service. When your car is due for an oil-change, tire rotation, or inspection, we will, if you so request, send you a friendly reminder. Sign up the next time you bring your car in for service!” Here’s more of their expert auto maintenance services: Transmission fluid replacement - There’s a lot of variables that go into how often th ... read more

Preventive Maintenance Is The Key (Part 1)

Hello, This is your tires. All this driving around without any maintenance is wearing a little thin with us. (See what I just did there?) We know this isn’t on purpose or personal. You really took care of us and the entire car when you first got it. If you are looking for a mechanic in Brandon, Florida, look no further than Clarke Automotive Systems. Bob Clarke and his team of trained technicians, along with his friendly staff will get you back out on the road at an affordable price. When you look at their preventive maintenance services, you see an impressive array of inexpensive ways to keep your car running like a champ by heading off major auto repairs and even a helpful lift to get to and from the shop: “We also offer complimentary shuttle service to anywhere within a five-mile radius. Consult our office for special arrangements. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!” Here’s ... read more

5 Ways We're Destorying Our Car Engines: Brandon FL Auto Repair

Even for those of us who don't have a comprehensive understanding of vehicle engines understand that the single fastest way to destroy an engine is to overheat it. However, it's just as easy to destroy an engine slowly, especially when warning signs aren't visible. Everything might appear to be ok, but then you find that the damage is just as catastrophic. Here at Clarke Automotive, your trusted Brandon FL auto repair and maintenance, wants you to know that it's just as important to understand how to destroy an engine over time as it is to understand how to destroy one in a few minutes - that way you know what you can do to prevent it! 1. Ethanol. One of the most damaging things you can do to your engine over time is adding ethanol gasoline. The solution? Fuel additives are not only recommended these days, they are virtually a requirement just like oil and coolant. Fuel additives are the only means of preventing the cancer inside your vehicle's motor that ethanol c ... read more

Keeping Your Vehicle At Peak Fuel Efficiency: 5 Tips

Back during the good old days when gas was $2.00 (anyone remember $1.00 gas?), it was easier to ignore simple car maintenance. After all, what would it be causing you? A couple bucks here and there? Fuel efficiency matters a whole lot more now than it used to and here at Clarke Automotive, your local Brandon FL auto repair and maintenance team, we understand this. We've put together a quick list of five basics, ranked from easiest to most difficult, that can help any vehicle owner squeeze a few extra miles per gallon out of their daily driver. 1. Fill up smart. Fill up your vehicle during the coolest part of the day. With older pumps that don't have a temperature-compensating flow meter, fuel is denser when it's cool, so you actually get more for your money when you pump gas in the early AM instead of filling up at 5:30PM on your way home from work. 2. Keep your car clean! First off, wash and wax your car — it doesn't just look good, it actually lowers th ... read more

AAA Affiliate Services

Hello, This is your rearview mirror. Obviously, I take my job of reflecting pretty seriously. Today, I thought it would be good to share a distinction that Clarke Automotive Systems has earned through AAA. They are a AAA Approved Auto Repair affiliate. Your Clarke Automotive Systems mechanic is the expert in the auto repair and maintenance that your car needs. As a AAA affiliate, here are just a few of the services and repairs they are approved to do: Brake Services - This is serious not just because having bad breaks is very dangerous, but getting the breaks repaired back into safe brakes can be very expensive. Transmission Service & Repair - This is another repair that can get very expensive if left until it’s too late. Getting your transmission serviced can let you know if you need minor repairs to head off the major rebuild or replace. Steering & Suspension Services - Obviously, your steering and suspe ... read more

Our Customers Say It All

Hello, This is your rearview mirror. Since my main purpose is to reflect, I thought I would share some reflections from customers at Clarke Automotive Systems. At Clarke, your mechanic will be an expert in the auto repair and maintenance that your car needs. You don’t have to just listen to me though--take it from their customers and our Testimonials page. You don’t have to just listen to a silly old mirror though--decide for yourself when you read from their Testimonials

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