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Expensive Repairs Can Be Avoided (Part 4)


This is your tires writing you about the importance of taking your vehicles in for regular maintenance at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. As you know from reading our previous post, we are reviewing the maintenance services offered by the expert auto mechanics at Clark. Here are a few more of the maintenance services they offer that can save your car from needing expensive auto repairs.

  • Fan and belt inspection and replacement - We can’t go anywhere without the serpentine belt. It’s our unheralded hero. Most people don’t even know importance of the serpentine belt. If you are seeing cracks that are close together, bring it in so Bob or one of the other expert mechanics can take a look at it.
  • Vehicle Inspection - Are you thinking of buying a used car but are worried about what trouble might be brewing in the prospective car? Bring it in and let Bob take a look at it. He’ll let you know if anything looks imminent and what’s down the road a ways.
  • Tune-Up - This helps your overall car performance and gas mileage. Consult your owner’s manual for guidance as to how long you can wait to get a tune up.

One of the best indicators that their mechanics are honest and knowledgeable is their customer reviews. Here’s a reviewer from their Testimonials page that was impressed with the whole staff.

“Bob and his staff (wife, son, and technicians) are all great to work with. They give you a great price and then go above and beyond what is required of a shop to ensure that your car gets fixed at a fair price. I recommend Clarke Automotive to anyone I know that needs work on their vehicle.”
– 5-Stars – Shannon Banter

Check in next time for more ways to get the most out of your car.

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