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At Clarke Automotive Systems, we believe that it’s important for our customers to understand what is behind an auto mechanic certification and what it means. You may have seen the ASE blue logo at an auto repair shop or seen the ASE blue patch on the sleeve of a Technician’s shirt. ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence ( ASE is a national testing organization which sets standards for automotive technicians. To become certified by ASE, a technician first must have repair experience on a particular system, then take and pass the ASE test for that system. All ASE certifications are valid for 4 years, then the Technician must re-take and pass the updated test to be re-certified on that particular system.

Example; a technician has been working at a brake repair shop for a year and wants to become ASE certified on brakes. Since he has qualified the experience criteria for brakes, he may take the ASE brake test. Once the Technician passes the ASE test on brakes, he is then given a “ASE Certification on Brakes”. The Technician can now wear the ASE blue patch and display the ASE logo at his place of work.

Our Mechanics ASE Certifications

When you see the ASE logo at a repair facility, be aware, that not all the mechanics at the shop need to be certified. Unless you ask, you don’t know if the mechanic working on your car is ASE certified, or which type of ASE certification he has achieved.

Today’s automobiles are so technologically advanced that most Technicians specialize in just a few areas. The more ASE certifications the Technician has, the better his pay and his employment. Technicians can be tested and certified on any of the 8 general automotive areas:

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