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More Ways To Save Fuel Efficiency From Your Brandon Mechanic

In today's day and age, we hear a lot of our customers complaining about gas prices and their vehicle's fuel efficiency. While you may not drive a Prius, there are still things you can incorporate into your driving practice that can enhance your car's fuel efficiency and make that dollar go a bit farther. Here at Clarke Automotive, your local Brandon FL mechanic, we've got a few more tips for you on things you can do to increase your fuel efficiency. 1. Remove your roof rack. If you're not using it, there's no reason to drive around with it. It's great if you're going biking or skiing, but if you're commuting to work you're just throwing money out the window by making your car less aerodynamic. 2. Change your air filter. While it may be out of sight, out of mind, you still need to change your air filter on a regular basis because it is what protects your engine from ingesting dirt and dust from the air and roads. If it's doing its job, yo ... read more

Getting Better Fuel Economy Out Of Your Car From Your Brandon Mechanic

Have you heard the old saying, "There are only two things you can count on in life: Death and Taxes"? Well, that saying is no longer true; there are three things now: Death, Taxes, and the cost of fuel forever spiraling upwards. Here at Clarke Automotive, your local Brandon FL mechanic, with over 30 years in the automotive industry we've heard our fair share of complains about the increasing fuel prices. Even if you don't have the newest, most fuel efficient vehicle, there are still things you can put into practice to make your dollar go farther. 1. Be mindful of your right foot. If you're speeding away from red lights and stop signs, you're wasting fuel. If you're racing cars down the interstate at 80 mph, you're wasting fuel. Here's a rule of thumb: your gas mileage can drop off up to 15% when driving at or below 65mph and driving above 65mph. 2. You can change your octane! A lot of people drive around with medium or premium gas in the ... read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gasoline? Advice From Your Brandon Mechanic

With over 30 years of experience serving the community of Brandon FL and surrounding areas, Clarke Automotive is proud to be the Brandon FL mechanic that you trust. We love providing an affordable means for our customers to service and repair their import and domestic vehicles. We also love providing education and advice on issues that we commonly see come through our doors. Today we're specifically talking about the issue of your car smelling like gas. It's important to know that you should never have a fuel smell in your car as it can be very dangerous. Trust us, we've seen a lot of fuel leaks in our career. The most common causes: Fuel injector leak Fuel tank leak Fuel line leak Faulty canister Missing gas cap It's important to know that at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what is causing the fuel smell in your car. you just need to bring your car in to Clarke Auto ... read more

Brandon Mechanic Tips: Why Your Car Wobbles When You Break

With our car repair team’s extensive knowledge and training in repairing and maintaining domestic and imported vehicles, our shop guarantees all customers the best service they deserve. As your local Brandon FL mechanic, we're here to help you no matter how big or small your automotive issue is. A common question we get from our customers is, "Why does my car shake when I am apply my brakes?" We've got some insight for you today. If you've check the front brake pads and they seem fine - or if you've had us check them - then it sounds like you may have a classic case of warped rotors. As you brake in your car over time, materials is removed not just from the pads but also from the discs. As your rotors get thinner, they're more susceptible to warping because of the heat and friction generated from braking itself. Although you may not be able to see any irregularity by simply looking at your rotors yourself, it's very likely that warped rotors are ca ... read more

Brandon FL Mechanic Advice: Why Is My Car Overheating?

Having your car overheat can be a major inconvenience as well as an expensive engine killer than can leave your car on the side of the road. Here at Clarke Automotive, your local Brandon FL mechanic, we want to make sure that your car is as reliable as our service is. When your car is running hot, it can be a stressful time and trust us, we know the feeling. Today we have some tips on what could be causing your car to overheat. However, it's important that you bring your car into Clarke Automotive as quickly as you can if it's overheating. The most common cause for your car overheating is that its low on coolant. Your engine relies on coolant to circulate throughout the system and remove heat from the engine. Another common cause of overheating is that your car is experiencing an electric cooling fan failure. If you have an electric cooling fan that isn't turning on, it may be causing your engine to overheat. Another cause of ov ... read more

Brandon FL Mechanic Tips: Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

Here at Clarke Automotive, we've been proudly servicing the Brandon FL area's automotive repair and service needs for over 30 years. If you're looking for a Brandon FL mechanic, don't waste your time on the other guys when you could be coming to Clarke Automotive. We have a lot of customers come in who have been driving around with their check engine light on. While a check engine light could simply mean that your computer needs to be reset, it could mean a few things that are much more complicated. 1. Your oxygen sensor may need to be replaced. Your O2 sensor measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust system of your vehicle. If you don't replace your oxygen filter, your engine will burn more fuel than you need it to resulting in loss of fuel economy. 2. Your gas cap may be loose, damaged, or even missing. Remember, your gas cap seals the fuel system and helps maintain pressure within your fuel tank. Plus, it prevents gas fumes ... read more

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