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Don't Blow a Head Gasket--Receive Auto Repair and Maintenance in Brandon, FL

Summer is here which means the heat is rising! Do you know if your car is prepared to take on the hot heat that Brandon, FL has in store for you? If you aren’t positive but you sure as heck don’t want to take the chance of your car blowing a gasket and overheating, be sure you stop by for auto repair and maintenance. Having your car overheat is not something that you should be dealing with or even be worried about. Being worried about when your car is going to give out on you shouldn’t be in your day to day stresses. We can help to eliminate the problems that are associated with your car overheating. Here are 8 things that can ultimately cause your car to overheat: A low coolant level A Leak in your engine cooling system A bad thermostat A failing water pump A cooling system that has trapped air A clogged radiator core A radiator that needs a replac ... read more

Auto Repair in Brandon, FL is a Must to Have a Healthy Car

Summer officially starts this Saturday, June 21st! At Clarke Automotive Systems we don’t think there is any better way to start summer off with a bang other than getting your car ready to cruise with the windows down to the beach everyday. Auto repair in Brandon, Fl is a definite must. Not only is it crucial to make sure everything is working properly, but it is a safety hazard if you do not have your brakes checked on a yearly basis. If you are coming to the realization that you haven’t had your brakes checked in years, it is time that you take your car to see our mechanic to be positive your car doesn’t need auto repair and maintenance when it comes to your brakes and any other part of your car that hasn’t been checked. Don’t let summer become a disaster! Your car’s fate is in your hands. It is up to you if it lasts for years to come or not long at all. When you give your vehicle regular maintenance and auto check ups or repairs, you can put trus ... read more

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