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5 Ways We're Destorying Our Car Engines: Brandon FL Auto Repair

Even for those of us who don't have a comprehensive understanding of vehicle engines understand that the single fastest way to destroy an engine is to overheat it. However, it's just as easy to destroy an engine slowly, especially when warning signs aren't visible. Everything might appear to be ok, but then you find that the damage is just as catastrophic. Here at Clarke Automotive, your trusted Brandon FL auto repair and maintenance, wants you to know that it's just as important to understand how to destroy an engine over time as it is to understand how to destroy one in a few minutes - that way you know what you can do to prevent it!

1. Ethanol. One of the most damaging things you can do to your engine over time is adding ethanol gasoline. The solution? Fuel additives are not only recommended these days, they are virtually a requirement just like oil and coolant. Fuel additives are the only means of preventing the cancer inside your vehicle's motor that ethanol creates, apart from just buying “pure gas” in the first place.

2. Oil sludge. This develops over time when your oil isn't changed on a regular basis. The solution? Change your oil on time!

3. Lack of fluid. Lack of fluids is one of those errors that can destroy an engine faster than corrosion or oil sludge. What are the important fluids? Motor oil and coolant, clutch fluid, steering, and blake fluid.

4. Cold starts. If you live in a place that falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit more than once a week during the winter, get an engine heater. Cold starts damage everything from your battery to your starter to your alternator to your pistons to your cylinder rods and heads.

5. Poor maintenance in general. Spark plugs that fire poorly, combined with low fluid levels in addition to low tire air pressure levels combined with timing that is off... throw in bad shocks and bumpy roads, over-revving the engine and low grade gasoline, and eventually poor maintenance will take years off the life of your expensive vehicle.

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