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Time To Change Your Timing Belt? | Auto Repair Brandon FL

Here at Clarke Automotive Systems, we get questions every so often about timing belts. Most people don't even know there's something wrong with their timing belt or that it's time to replace it until their car breaks down on them or starts acting very differently. We're offer car repair Brandon, FL residents rely on time and time again and we're here to offer some help. Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your timing belt. If you've noticed that when you're driving your car and you get up between 2000 and 4000 RPMs, your engine starts acting weirdly, you should have your timing belt changed. If your timing belt is loose, it will start to slip at higher RPMs and during acceleration. Old timing belts wear down over time and lose teeth. It's normally recommended to change your timing belt every 60,000 miles. Experiencing starting and running issues with your car? Most people don't realize that the timing belt is actu ... read more

The Importance Of An Oil Change From The Brandon Auto Repair Experts

Here at Clarke Automotive Systems, we know that you idea of fun is definitely not getting an oil change. We can't think of many things that people put off more than getting an oil change. Unfortunately, if there's one thing that procrastinating makes worse, it's this. We could continue to make you feel bad about ignoring that windshield sticker that stares you in the face every time you get in the car, but we'd rather focus on the good and positive things that come out of changing your oil and oil filter on a regular basis! Call the auto repair experts in Brandon FL here at Clarke Automotive to schedule your oil change. Never underestimate the value of having a trained technician under the hood of your car a few times a year. In addition to changing your oil and oil filter, we're going to be on the look out for a number of trouble situations that can cause a breakdown if left untreated. We look for fluid leaks, bulging hoses, cracked or frayed belt ... read more

Brandon Car Repair Experts Explain Important Car Maintenance Items

As most of us know, cars that are more modern don't require as much maintenance as cars did back in, say, the 50's. That shouldn't give you a false sense of security, though, says the car repair experts in Brandon, FL. Here at Clarke Automotive, we try to educate our customers so that they can be proactive when it comes to their car. If you look in your car's manual, there are enough service reminders and maintenance points to make anyone's head spin, but fortunately you have us to help you. There are a few main areas of your car that need to be kept up with. Oil: It's been said that oil is much like blood for your car - without it, it dies. Oil keeps your car's engine parts rotating smoothly and working properly, but over time, the oil gets contaminated from exhaust gasses and small bits of metal. This contamination reduces the effectiveness of the oil, making it too thin. If it's too thin, it won't lubricate the engine. Air fi ... read more

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