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Preventable Auto Repairs Must Be Avoided (Part 5)


This is your tires again.We are writing about the importance of taking your vehicles in on a regular basis for maintenance at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. As you know from reading our previous posts, we are reviewing the preventive maintenance services offered at Clark by their team of expert auto mechanics.

Here are a few more of the professional maintenance services Clark Automotive Systems offers that can save you from hefty auto repair bills.

  • Air Conditioning service - Although cars no longer use the refrigerant known as Freon, the modern cars use one known as R-134. It does not need to be “topped off” regularly. However, if you notice that your AC is blowing out warm air on hot days when it is properly turned on, then you may have a leak or need more added.
  • Battery inspection - Batteries go bad over time and don’t hold a charge. Clark can let you know if you are in line for a new battery soon.
  • Factory scheduled maintenance - We expert technicians for American and foreign made cars.

Their mechanics are honest and knowledgeable as evidenced by the multitude of customer reviews that credit them. Here’s a reviewer from their Testimonials page that was new to the Brandon area and needed a mechanic he could trust.

“(I) Was new to Brandon Florida in 2006. Looking for a trusted mechanic when my 81 Ford Bronco that has been with the family for 30 years now needed a new engine. 4 years later, Mr. Clarke now takes care of our 81 Ford Bronco and 75 Chevy Camaro. Would not trust my older vehicle to anyone else.”
– 5-Stars – Joey M

Check our blog next time for more ways to put the roar back in your car.

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