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Full Brake Service in Brandon

Full Brake Service in Brandon | Clarke Automotive Systems

The brakes may be one of the most crucial safety feature on your family’s vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis. It’s the most critical repair service for any vehicle.

Thankfully at Clarke Automotive Systems we perform a complimentary inspection on your brake system. This free brake inspection gives your family the piece of mind, that you have a reliable vehicle to stop at any moment.

Brake Replacement in Brandon, Tampa, Riverview, Ruskin, & More

Our auto mechanics only believe in using the correct brake components/brake pads on your vehicle, lubricating the calipers, and resurfacing your rotors. Servicing the calipers at the time of brake pads installation ensure a longevity of your brake pads. While resurfacing your rotors gives the pads a new surface, and keeps your rotors in manufacturer specifications.

2 Year Warranty24 000 Miles Warranty

Finally, we check brake fluid…brake fluid is often overlooked, but can play a crucial part of your brake system. Brake fluid is ‘Hygroscopic’ which means it grabs moisture from the air, all the while collecting in your brake lines. What does too much moisture mean? It was rust out wheel cylinders, reduces the boiling point of the fluid, and damage other expensive brake components that should never have to be replaced.

Typically, you can hear a brake problem beginning…. and having your brakes inspected as quickly as possible is a good idea. Furthermore, it can ensure your safety, while saving you from a higher brake repair bill.

Contact us to schedule our brake replacement service or if you have any questions.

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