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Clarke Automotive Systems is a Hybrid Certified Repair Shop in Brandon

Hybrid vehicle buyers and driver are motivated by many different things to buy a gas-electric car, SUV, or truck. Whether the reason is for the environment, oil dependency, or even the latest trend, you will still need to have the vehicle serviced at a certified hybrid service center. Clarke Automotive has Hybrid Auto Technicians that specialize in hybrid service for all makes and models and is a certified hybrid service center.

Hybrid Certified Repair in Brandon | Clarke Automotive Systems

With the latest gas price spike not even reaching the peak summer months, many buyers are looking for way to save their gas money and are turning to buying hybrid cars and trucks. Many of whom are looking for a local shop to service and repair their hybrid vehicles. Back in 2006 R.L. Polk did a study and found that 255,000 new hybrids were registered that year. Five years later sales of new hybrids have gone up and the technology in the hybrid has only become more complex. Hybrid owners are finding that they need a certified hybrid technician to be able to service their hybrid vehicles or else they could be looking at very expensive repairs.

Though hybrids have the reputation as being mostly trouble-free, there are many components that are unique to the hybrid needless to say it will get complicated very quickly. Clarke Automotive has invested in all the necessary equipment to provide the correct repair and service to hybrid vehicles of all makes and models.

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