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Part 2 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you know we are focusing on how to change a tire while on a road trip with confidence, even if you aren’t close to our auto repair shop in Brandon, FL. Here are the last 9 pieces to the tire changing puzzle: It is time that you remove the hubcap and the nuts of the wheel by turning them counterclockwise. Be sure to keep the nuts and hubcap on the wheel, you only want to be breaking the resistance that they hold. It is time to completely raise your car off of the ground! Pump that jack to lift the tire off of the ground. Don’t go too crazy-- you only need enough space to take the tire off, and put the spare on in its place. Okay--Now you have the go ahead to remove the lug nuts all the way. Be sure not to let them roll away! Remove that flat tire! It ... read more

Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Are you looking forward to that road trip of a lifetime but have a worry in the back of your mind that disaster might strike? This thought is normal, and because of this we want to give you the ability to be prepared for anything! Staying up-to-date on how to fix problems that arise with your car while on the road can greatly increase your safety and well-being. At Clarke Automotive Systems we want to give you the knowledge you need to stay ready at all times. With the following directions, we are positive you will be able to change a flat tire all on your own until you get back home to your auto repair shop in Brandon, Fl: Make sure your car is parked in a safe place with a flat surface to start your tire change. Be sure to put your car in the “park” position if it is an automatic. If it is a manual, put your car in reverse or first gear. It is always good to find a big rock or chunk of wood  to place ... read more

Common Auto Repair and Maintenance Breakdowns in Brandon, FL

Are you ready to hit the road Jack? If you are, do you know if your car is fully equipped and prepared to do so? If you are unsure and aren’t very well off with the knowledge of cars and the engines that make them go vroom, be aware that we can give you the auto repair and maintenance you need to complete the road trip of a lifetime without the hassle of a breakdown. To keep you on track and up and running, here are the top reasons for your car to breakdown and you to keep an eye out on: Flat or faulty battery Flat or damaged tires/wheels Alternator faults Starter motor Fuel problems Clutch cables HT leads Spark plugs Above are the most common breakdowns in the U.S.A. We want you to be prepared in any way that you can and take your car to us here at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL for the maintenance and repairs you ne ... read more

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