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Regular Maintenance Prevents Expensive Auto Repairs (Part 2)


This is your tires again. If you recall from our previous blog post, we are listing some inexpensive maintenance services that your expert auto mechanic can perform at Clarke Automotive Systems to help you avoid costly repairs down the road. (Do you see what I just did there?)

We are working off a list of their preventive maintenance services, and one of the first things that stands out is that they’ll even remind you when it’s time for a service:

“We offer a complimentary email reminder service. When your car is due for an oil-change, tire rotation, or inspection, we will, if you so request, send you a friendly reminder. Sign up the next time you bring your car in for service!”

Here’s more of their expert auto maintenance services:

  • Transmission fluid replacement - There’s a lot of variables that go into how often this should be done, especially if you put stress on the transmission with a lot of stop and go driving. Consult your owner’s manual.
  • Clean fuel injector - This is something most people don’t know how to do, and we are happy to do it if you are experiencing a performance issue.
  • Air filter inspection and replacement - A dirty air filter can cost you plenty in lower fuel efficiency, so it’s worth it to switch it out.

Listen to what their customers have to say on their testimonials page. Below is a quick example:

“Attendants are very polite. Fast service, and clean area. I am very happy with Clark’s Automotive. I will continue to take my car to them to be serviced. Not always you find good honest people to service your vehicle this days. Thank You very much.”
– 4.5-Stars – Maria T. Rojas

Check in next time for more ways to get the most out of your car.

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