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Preventive Maintenance Is The Key (Part 1)


This is your tires. All this driving around without any maintenance is wearing a little thin with us. (See what I just did there?)

We know this isn’t on purpose or personal. You really took care of us and the entire car when you first got it. If you are looking for a mechanic in Brandon, Florida, look no further than Clarke Automotive Systems. Bob Clarke and his team of trained technicians, along with his friendly staff will get you back out on the road at an affordable price.

When you look at their preventive maintenance services, you see an impressive array of inexpensive ways to keep your car running like a champ by heading off major auto repairs and even a helpful lift to get to and from the shop:

“We also offer complimentary shuttle service to anywhere within a five-mile radius. Consult our office for special arrangements. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!”

Here’s just a couple of their regular maintenance services they offer to save you big bucks down the road.

  • Oil change, lube, and filter - This is the number one way to keep your automobile running well. Not doing it is the number one way to guarantee your car will have very expensive issues.
  • Tire rotation - Now we’re talking. This will help us wear more evenly and safely
  • Brake Fluid Replacement - It’s critical to replace your brake fluid every 1-2 years. Why? Brake Fluid absorbs water so you need to replace it so it isn’t too watered down. Here in Florida where there is so much moisture in the air, it’s even more critical.

Check in next time for more ways to get the most out of your car.

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