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Avoid Expensive Repairs With Regular Maintenance (Part 3)


This is your tires writing you to urge you to visit Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon. We are reviewing the expert maintenance services offered by the Clark auto mechanics. We will pick our list up where we left off at the end of our previous post.

Here are just a couple of the maintenance services they offer that can save you from needing expensive auto repairs in the long run.

  • Transmission inspection - Transmissions are very expensive to rebuild or replace. If there is some damage to your transmission, an inspection may reduce the damage that would ultimately be done if left unchecked.
  • Radiator inspection and service - Your radiator keeps coolant flowing through your engine so it doesn’t overheat. If there’s trouble brewing in your cooling system, it’s better to find out in the shop rather than on the roadside. Just like you need your car’s AC to work here in Florida, your car needs the radiator and cooling system to work flawlessly.

One of the best indicators of their honest and knowledgeable mechanics is their customer reviews. Here is a review from their Testimonials page.

"Clarke Automotive provides outstanding service at a reasonable price. The technicians are highly competent; Bob Clarke is very knowledgeable about all aspects of auto maintenance. You will NEVER be oversold or told you need service you do not. I would recommend Clarke to any owner who wants to get the most out of his automotive investment."
– 5-Stars – Harold Matthews

Check in next time for more ways to get the most out of your car.

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