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Brandon FL Mechanic Advice: Why Is My Car Overheating?

Having your car overheat can be a major inconvenience as well as an expensive engine killer than can leave your car on the side of the road. Here at Clarke Automotive, your local Brandon FL mechanic, we want to make sure that your car is as reliable as our service is. When your car is running hot, it can be a stressful time and trust us, we know the feeling. Today we have some tips on what could be causing your car to overheat. However, it's important that you bring your car into Clarke Automotive as quickly as you can if it's overheating.

The most common cause for your car overheating is that its low on coolant. Your engine relies on coolant to circulate throughout the system and remove heat from the engine.

Another common cause of overheating is that your car is experiencing an electric cooling fan failure. If you have an electric cooling fan that isn't turning on, it may be causing your engine to overheat.

Another cause of overheating is that your thermostat may not be opening up. The most common symptom of a failed thermostat is when your car is overheating at highway speeds. Your engine may be able to stay cool at lower speeds because it's not working that hard or creating much heat.

You may also have a broken fan belt. The good news is that a fan belt replacement or repair is much cheaper than the electric guys.

Is your engine running hot or overheating? Call Clarke Automotive today, your local Brandon FL mechanic. Don't ruin your engine!

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