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Brandon Mechanic Tips: Why Your Car Wobbles When You Break

With our car repair team’s extensive knowledge and training in repairing and maintaining domestic and imported vehicles, our shop guarantees all customers the best service they deserve. As your local Brandon FL mechanic, we're here to help you no matter how big or small your automotive issue is. A common question we get from our customers is, "Why does my car shake when I am apply my brakes?" We've got some insight for you today.

If you've check the front brake pads and they seem fine - or if you've had us check them - then it sounds like you may have a classic case of warped rotors. As you brake in your car over time, materials is removed not just from the pads but also from the discs. As your rotors get thinner, they're more susceptible to warping because of the heat and friction generated from braking itself. Although you may not be able to see any irregularity by simply looking at your rotors yourself, it's very likely that warped rotors are causing your car to shudder when you apply your brakes.

When you bring your car into us, we'll evaluate everything and likely fix the situation with 1 of 2 possible solutions. We can take the rotors off and have them turned but legally, if your rotors are too thin, we cannot turn them due to safety issues. The other option is to replace your rotors completely with new ones.

Is your car shuddering when you break? Bring it into your local Brandon FL mechanic at Clarke Automotive!

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