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Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Are you looking forward to that road trip of a lifetime but have a worry in the back of your mind that disaster might strike? This thought is normal, and because of this we want to give you the ability to be prepared for anything! Staying up-to-date on how to fix problems that arise with your car while on the road can greatly increase your safety and well-being. At Clarke Automotive Systems we want to give you the knowledge you need to stay ready at all times. With the following directions, we are positive you will be able to change a flat tire all on your own until you get back home to your auto repair shop in Brandon, Fl: Make sure your car is parked in a safe place with a flat surface to start your tire change. Be sure to put your car in the “park” position if it is an automatic. If it is a manual, put your car in reverse or first gear. It is always good to find a big rock or chunk of wood  to place ... read more

Common Auto Repair and Maintenance Breakdowns in Brandon, FL

Are you ready to hit the road Jack? If you are, do you know if your car is fully equipped and prepared to do so? If you are unsure and aren’t very well off with the knowledge of cars and the engines that make them go vroom, be aware that we can give you the auto repair and maintenance you need to complete the road trip of a lifetime without the hassle of a breakdown. To keep you on track and up and running, here are the top reasons for your car to breakdown and you to keep an eye out on: Flat or faulty battery Flat or damaged tires/wheels Alternator faults Starter motor Fuel problems Clutch cables HT leads Spark plugs Above are the most common breakdowns in the U.S.A. We want you to be prepared in any way that you can and take your car to us here at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL for the maintenance and repairs you ne ... read more

Don't Blow a Head Gasket--Receive Auto Repair and Maintenance in Brandon, FL

Summer is here which means the heat is rising! Do you know if your car is prepared to take on the hot heat that Brandon, FL has in store for you? If you aren’t positive but you sure as heck don’t want to take the chance of your car blowing a gasket and overheating, be sure you stop by for auto repair and maintenance. Having your car overheat is not something that you should be dealing with or even be worried about. Being worried about when your car is going to give out on you shouldn’t be in your day to day stresses. We can help to eliminate the problems that are associated with your car overheating. Here are 8 things that can ultimately cause your car to overheat: A low coolant level A Leak in your engine cooling system A bad thermostat A failing water pump A cooling system that has trapped air A clogged radiator core A radiator that needs a replac ... read more

Auto Repair in Brandon, FL is a Must to Have a Healthy Car

Summer officially starts this Saturday, June 21st! At Clarke Automotive Systems we don’t think there is any better way to start summer off with a bang other than getting your car ready to cruise with the windows down to the beach everyday. Auto repair in Brandon, Fl is a definite must. Not only is it crucial to make sure everything is working properly, but it is a safety hazard if you do not have your brakes checked on a yearly basis. If you are coming to the realization that you haven’t had your brakes checked in years, it is time that you take your car to see our mechanic to be positive your car doesn’t need auto repair and maintenance when it comes to your brakes and any other part of your car that hasn’t been checked. Don’t let summer become a disaster! Your car’s fate is in your hands. It is up to you if it lasts for years to come or not long at all. When you give your vehicle regular maintenance and auto check ups or repairs, you can put trus ... read more

Do you need Auto Repair and Maintenance in Brandon, Fl?

Are you thinking about fixing your broken down car own your own? If you are, you may want to think twice about doing that. Unless you are a certified mechanic, we recommend you bring your damaged and out-of-tune car to us here at Clarke Automotive Systems. If you aren’t sure whether it is time to take your car in to us, here is a list of things to look out for that can indicate you need a mechanic in Brandon, FL: If you are hearing strange noises coming from under the hood of your car. If your coolers refuse to work. If your car isn’t starting. If you car is a frequent staller. If your engine runs irregularly when you start to accelerate your car. If you notice you have lost power. If your gas mileage has decreased. If there is a malfunction or check engine light on in your dashboard. We know that there are many different things that could indicate that ... read more

Trustworthy Auto repair and Maintenance Shop in Brandon, FL

Are you searching for a trustworthy auto repair and maintenance shop that you can take your car to? We have just the solution you need! At Clarke Automotive Systems we can give you every auto repair you are looking for. Our experience will throw all of the other auto repairs shops in the area out the window. Clarke Automotive Systems has been in business for over 35 years! No one can beat our prices or our mechanics. Not only do we have great mechanics working on your cars at all times, but they are all certified. Certified mechanics and technicians make the work we complete that much more valuable. We have certifications in the following: AAA Approved Repair ASE Certified Technicians BOSCH Certified Services Hybrid Certified Repair With these above mentioned certifications, we want you to know that you can fully rely on us. We can go the distance you’re expecting. Not only that, but our tec ... read more

8 Steps for a Successful Road Trip from Brandon, FL - Auto Repair

Are you one who enjoys taking road trips during the summer to get away and explore what you haven’t seen yet? This world has a lot to offer in many different places throughout the United States. If you have decided that a road trip is exactly what you need to get away and have some fun, make sure you get a tune-up before you leave Brandon, FL. Regular auto repair and maintenance is a must if you are planning to go out and explore areas you are unfamiliar with. Not only can we give you all of the regular maintenance that you need before you take off, such as an oil change or a tire rotation, but we can also repair your car once and for all so you can stay safe out on the road. If this is the first road trip that you are taking and you aren’t sure what kind of auto repair you might need or what steps you should take to become fully prepared to hit the road from Brandon, FL, here is a checklist of 8 steps you should ... read more

Brandon, FL Auto Repair and Maintenance that is Guaranteed

A guarantee you can count on for great and satisfying service is getting your auto repair and maintenance from Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL. When you bring your car into us and give us the ability to perform our standard of auto repair your expectations will be reached. All of our auto repair and maintenance that we offer will be performed by one of our certified technicians. We are able to give you the services you are desperately searching for such as a full brake service, AAA Approved Repair, Hybrid Certified repair, BOSCH certified service, and ASE Certified technician repair. Because we are certified, you can expect the very best! Your car will return to you in top-notch condition and be performing better than ever. Also, we stand behind our work! Because we are committed to you and the great work of our technicians and mechanics we offer a 2 year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty to ensure your safety on the r ... read more



Brandon, FL Auto Repair and Maintenance Offers

Is it time you give your car the auto repair and maintenance it needs to sparkle and shine? Clarke Automotive Systems thinks it could be time you give your car the attention it needs so it can run throughout the summer with no problems. We have been servicing cars and providing great auto repair in Brandon, FL since 1978 and plan providing services for decades to come. How often should you bring your car in for regular maintenance anyways? Of course this answer is going to be different for every car out there, but if we are talking about tires and oil, we can give you a pretty standard answer. To get a straight answer for the type of car you drive, look in your owners manual and get an answer on how often you should be getting your oil changed and what kind of oil to use in your car as well as information on tire rotations. Depending on what kind of oil your car takes, the standard oil change should be completed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. When speaking about tire ... read more

Auto Repair in Brandon, FL Can't be Beat!

Spring time is here. Most people are cleaning their homes with “spring cleaning” in mind. One item you should also take care of regularly and spring clean is your car! If you drive your car daily to everywhere you need to go, you should make sure that it is getting the best care possible. Give it the oil changes, tire rotations and check ups it needs to stay usable. When you take your car to Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL we know you will be happy with your service. Not only can we give you everything you are looking for when it comes to check ups, but we are available for full service auto repair. So if you have gotten yourself into a little trouble and in a fender bender you don’t want to talk about, bring your car on by! We have great auto repair maintenance technicians that can give you exactly what you need to keep your car in great working condition to get you from Point A to Point B and more! Need more t ... read more

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