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Call us for Auto Repair in Brandon, FL Before you Rekindle

If you have just sent your baby off to college, you probably haven’t thought much about your needs and your car’s for that matter. If you are thinking that it is time to rekindle love between you and your husband and you are wanting to take a long road trip together to do so, you need Clarke Automotive Systems on your side. At Clarke Automotive Systems, you can expect to get the best auto repair and services that you need in Brandon, Fl and surrounding areas. Before you head out on the romantic trip that you have been waiting for, we recommend that you make an appointment with our mechanic. Our mechanic has been serving the community at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL for many years and has the experience to back it. The services that we will gladly provide for you include oil changes, tire rotations, service engine light checks, full brake service, full vehicle inspection and more. We don’t have a lot of limitations! We c ... read more

Get your Brakes Checked by our Mechanic in Brandon, FL

For those who have been driving for many years, it doesn’t come to a surprise that you have been set in your ways when it comes to servicing your car. You know the drill: every three months or 3,000 miles you get your car’s oil changed, lights checks and fluids topped off; one thing we must not forget about are the brakes. Brakes on your car are important. If all else fails, your brakes will be there to save the day, right? If you don’t get your brakes checked on a yearly basis, how do you know that they will work efficiently enough to keep you safe and stop in time when someone slams on their brakes in front of you? In Brandon, Florida we don’t have too terrible of weather. There is an element that we should keep an eye out for though, sand. Sand can get into brakes and cause them to erode quicker than in other parts of the country where sand isn’t a problem. Sand is normal in Florida, and the mechanics at Clarke Automotive System ... read more

Perfect Auto Repair Shop in Brandon, FL for College Students

If you are new to the area, and you just moved to Brandon, Florida to attend a premier college, do you know where to go in case you are in need of auto repair? Luckily for you, Clarke Automotive Systems is right down the road from many of the colleges in the area. Auto repair in Brandon, Fl isn’t hard to find if you know where to find it! We want you to know that you can find it right here! No matter what surrounding city you live in, including Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City Center, Fishhawk, Tampa, Plant City, or Seffner, know that you can turn to Clarke Automotive Systems to provide you with the affordable auto repair services you need! Let’s face it, when you are in college, the last thing that is on your mind is the well being of your car. Not having your car in the back of your mind can be troubling for many parents that bought those cars. If something were to happen, like a fender bender, or even if you just need a simple oil change, you should ... read more

Use our Mechanic in Brandon, FL Before your Road Trip

Are you ready to hit the road on a once in a lifetime road trip with your closest girlfriends? If so, have you prepared the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to hitting the road? If you are confused on what this piece is, it is your car! If your car isn’t in the best of shape, then you shouldn’t be hitting the road, expecting to come back again. Our guess is that your will break down while out on the road, or you won’t make it as far as backing out of your driveway! If this blog has started to get your wheels turning, and you are starting to realize that you car isn’t well equipped to provide you with the safest journey across the country to Disney World, or wherever you plan to venture to, make sure you make an appointment at Clarke Automotive Systems. The mechanics at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL know cars, trucks and many other automobiles like the back of their hands. When you put your trust in us to ... read more

Track your Mileage and Receive Auto Repair and Maintenance

Are you thinking that it is time to give your car the tender loving care it deserves? If so, then you already know from our last blog, when your car needs auto repair and maintenance by simply keeping track of your mileage. If you feel that it is time to get your oil changed and tires rotated, there is no better place to be than Clarke Automotive Systems. When you go with our mechanic here in Brandon, Fl, you will be able to trust that we are giving your car the TLC it deserves. Even though oil changes are performed daily everywhere in the world, they should never be overlooked or forgotten. When you give your engine a refreshing oil change at Clarke Automotive Systems, you’ll be protecting it from heat and friction. If you have older oil that needs to be changed and drained out of your engine, it is dirty and probably contaminated. Because of this, we recommend that you make an appointment with us ... read more

Mileage Checks and Auto Repair in Brandon, FL

Are you aware of how many miles are on your car, and what that means for your engine, oil services and tires? If you aren’t really keen when it comes to your car and the services or repairs it may need at a certain accruement of milage, this blog will give you that much needed information. It is always good to be aware of the auto repair in Brandon, FL that your car my need, here is a common list of mileage checks that should always be performed by your Brandon, Fl auto repair and maintenance specialists at Clarke Automotive Systems: Air filter replacement Coolant check Battery inspection Radiator hose inspection Engine oil change/check Differential inspection A/C system check Front and rear suspension inspection Drive Shaft check Transmission fluid check Tire check The list is endless when you bring your car in for an ... read more

Auto Repair Services in Brandon, FL

Are you in need of auto repair in Brandon, FL? If so, you have certainly found the most trustworthy and experienced automotive care and repair shop in the area. At Clarke Automotive Systems, we can give your car exactly what it needs to keep you safe on the road, wherever you may go. Because it is summer, road trips are a popular way to vacation. If you are getting your car ready to go on the a road trip of a lifetime, it is always a great idea for you to get your car checked on before you hit the road. To ensure that you are driving a car you can trust across the country we offer the following services: Tire rotation Oil change Tune-ups Brake and transmission fluid replacement Full vehicle inspection Battery inspection Regular factory scheduled maintenance The above list is just a few of our most recommended preventative maintenance services that you shou ... read more

Part 2 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you know we are focusing on how to change a tire while on a road trip with confidence, even if you aren’t close to our auto repair shop in Brandon, FL. Here are the last 9 pieces to the tire changing puzzle: It is time that you remove the hubcap and the nuts of the wheel by turning them counterclockwise. Be sure to keep the nuts and hubcap on the wheel, you only want to be breaking the resistance that they hold. It is time to completely raise your car off of the ground! Pump that jack to lift the tire off of the ground. Don’t go too crazy-- you only need enough space to take the tire off, and put the spare on in its place. Okay--Now you have the go ahead to remove the lug nuts all the way. Be sure not to let them roll away! Remove that flat tire! It ... read more

Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Part 1 Change a Tire-Advice from your Local Auto Repair Specialists in Brandon, Fl

Are you looking forward to that road trip of a lifetime but have a worry in the back of your mind that disaster might strike? This thought is normal, and because of this we want to give you the ability to be prepared for anything! Staying up-to-date on how to fix problems that arise with your car while on the road can greatly increase your safety and well-being. At Clarke Automotive Systems we want to give you the knowledge you need to stay ready at all times. With the following directions, we are positive you will be able to change a flat tire all on your own until you get back home to your auto repair shop in Brandon, Fl: Make sure your car is parked in a safe place with a flat surface to start your tire change. Be sure to put your car in the “park” position if it is an automatic. If it is a manual, put your car in reverse or first gear. It is always good to find a big rock or chunk of wood  to place ... read more

Common Auto Repair and Maintenance Breakdowns in Brandon, FL

Are you ready to hit the road Jack? If you are, do you know if your car is fully equipped and prepared to do so? If you are unsure and aren’t very well off with the knowledge of cars and the engines that make them go vroom, be aware that we can give you the auto repair and maintenance you need to complete the road trip of a lifetime without the hassle of a breakdown. To keep you on track and up and running, here are the top reasons for your car to breakdown and you to keep an eye out on: Flat or faulty battery Flat or damaged tires/wheels Alternator faults Starter motor Fuel problems Clutch cables HT leads Spark plugs Above are the most common breakdowns in the U.S.A. We want you to be prepared in any way that you can and take your car to us here at Clarke Automotive Systems in Brandon, FL for the maintenance and repairs you ne ... read more

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