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Your Brandon FL Auto Repair Experts Debunk Common Car Myths

The automotive world is filled with myths and misconceptions. Many are encouraged by carefully worded advertisements. And some, particularly those concerning how a car actually works, are created when complex subjects are oversimplified. Clarke Automotive, proudly serving residents of Brandon FL with auto repair and service needs for over 30 years on domestic and Asian vehicles, has seen its fair share of automotive misconceptions. Today we're addressing some of the most popular ones and setting the record straight once and for all.

Myth #1: All-wheel drive will help you dodge objects in the road and go faster around corners. This is a nice thought, but it's inaccurate. While AWD is great at helping a vehicle accelerate, even the most advanced systems do little to help a driver avoid road hazards or grip the pavement in corners. How a vehicle responds in emergency or racetrack-type maneuvers is determined mainly by the tires, suspension, vehicle weight and weight location.

Myth #2: A longer wheelbase make your vehicle more stable. Your wheelbase is just one of a long list of factors that determines a vehicle's stability and responsiveness, and it's not even near the top of that list. More important than wheelbase are suspension design and where the vehicle's weight is located.

Myth #3: You must be able to see the flanks of your own car in your outside mirrors in order to have a reference. If you can see the flanks of your own car, your mirrors are improperly adjusted! Correctly adjusted, the three mirrors form a panoramic view much like one created with three slightly overlapping photos. This ensures you minimize blind spots and the need to look over your shoulder.

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