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Why Is Your Car Vibrating?

When you turn your car on, the engine should have a low and steady rumble. But if car is shaking like it's in the middle of an earthquake, why is it happening, and what can you do make sure it doesn't happen again?

First, if the shaking is coming from the engine, it's possible the engine isn't getting the fuel, air or spark that it really needs. Check the spark plugs-time for a new set? If the plugs are relatively new, perhaps the wires for them need to be checked, and maybe the wires aren't connected in the proper order. Another possibility might be that the fuel filter or air filter is badly clogged. If you replace these filters when the manufacturer suggests, you shouldn't have a problem. It's also possible that the wheels might be out of balance. This is a fairly common problem that can make things shake, rattle and roll. If your wheels become too far out of balance, it can become difficult to steer, so get this problem checked out right away.

There's a number of other possible issues that can cause your car to vibrate. Remember that the car is made up of a number of complex systems that are designed to work in harmony with each other. So before things get too tough, contact us at Clarke Automotive Systems. We're a premiere auto repair shop that proudly services Del Rio, Riverview and Brandon, Florida, as well as surrounding areas.


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