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Why Clarke Automotive


Why Clarke Automotive? Why on earth should you choose us over all the other guys? What sets us apart? All very good questions that have been asked multiple times- all with the same answer. We are here for you. We have been for a very long time.

Families have gone towards the internet and in their own separate ways for years now. The last few generations have added more and more devices, activities, and simple downtime to their lives. We see the commercials all the time where kids are in their rooms or in the back yard on their tablets or cell phones. Parents try getting them to come to the table or enjoy an old-fashioned family night together. The fact is family values have changed over time but the love a family shares has not. If anyone is sick or upset the entire family is there for them.

A car is very much a part of that family. We search for one with safety ratings, low mileage and durability to last our family over the years. Will this car handle family vacations? Get me to work reliably? Trips to school functions? Will I be able to pass this car down to my son or daughter in the future?

The biggest question is who can I trust to be my cars doctor. Not a real doctor but a mechanical one. Do I take it to the dealer? After the original allotment they give of free service, it gets really expensive and sometimes they add things in the bill I’ve never heard of. The neighborhood mechanic seems nice but can I really trust that he is going to do what is best for me and my car? Does he even really know how to fix my car?

Clarke Automotive is a down to earth, Christian family owned and operated company that has been in operation for more than 15 years. Father, Mother and son work side by side every day. They bring honesty, integrity and confidence to their work everyday. They have searched for and built an amazing team that upholds their family values and standards that are hard to find in the business world these days.

Clarke Automotive customers have been recommending them to friends and family as THE team to give you the honest answers, even if they’re hard. The team that can and will get your car working how it should. The team, the family of hard working mechanics that have a wide knowledge of different vehicles that are there for their customers needs. They give rides or arrange car rentals. They know the needs of their customers even when you don’t. No one really plans for what happens when their car has an issue and needs to go in the shop.  We try but there’s usually something that presents an issue that we didn’t foresee. Except Clarke automotive plans for as many as possible for you. Not only do they fix your car, but they make it as easy as possible for you to be without your car during the time it takes to be fixed.

From tires to oil changes. From batteries to engines. Spark plugs and fuel filters. Big job or small, they have you covered. In a world where many people are out for themselves, this family is out for you. Their customers rave about the job well done. They also rave about the honesty they received, the down to earth exceptional service they get. It goes beyond a smile at the counter. They truly care about their customers and their work. They hold themselves to a higher standard.  For them, it’s not just a job or even just a career, it’s a calling. It’s in their blood to ensure your vehicle is not only safe but will last you for many years to come at it’s peak performance because you and your family deserve no less. They don’t just serve the Brandon area. People come from miles and miles away to experience their great service, knowing the trip will be worth it when their car is done.

Set an appointment today to get a competitive, and completely honest quote.You, your family nor your car will ever regret it. We are here for you, your safety and your family's safety!

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