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Tips To Stop Wasting Money On Your Car

At Clarke Automotive, we specialize in auto repair for Brandon, Tampa, Ruskin, and more. With our car repair team’s extensive knowledge and training in repairing and maintaining domestic and imported vehicles, our shop guarantees all customers the best service they deserve. Our cost-effective offerings make us the perfect alternative for auto repair and maintenance services from the usual car dealerships. Today we have some tips for you to save money on your car maintenance while keeping your wheels on the road.

1. Stop changing your oil so often. You should only change your oil according to your owner's manual provided in your vehicle. Changing it more often is a waste of time and money for you.

2. Lubing your chassis. If someone says your chassis needs lubing, check it out before doing anything. Most cars built in the last couple of decades don't require lubrication. And if the mechanic says he can put in a fitting so the chassis can be lubed (pumped full of grease), don't fall for it. Adding grease where none is required could lead to problems.

3. Tune-ups. Computer-controlled engines have made the standard tune-up a thing of the past. It used to be a tune-up called for new spark plugs and ignition parts such as a distributor cap, points and rotor. Aside from spark plugs, cars don't have points and rotors, and many don't have traditional distributor caps.

4. Filters. There are a plethora of filters -- oil, air, fuel, transmission -- on modern vehicles, and they all need replacing at some time or another. But not at every oil-change interval. Air filters often can be blown clean with compressed air and then replaced at every other oil change. Check the owner's manual for recommended replacement intervals for all filters.

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