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Tips to Avoid Rust On Vehicles

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to keep your car in the best shape possible and avoid auto repair as much as you possibly can, you have come to the right place. At Clarke Automotive Systems, we have dedicated time in providing you with 5 ways you can protect your car against getting rust. Rust is an underestimated threat that many people ignore, and here are the 5 ways that you can avoid needing auto repair from your local professionals in Brandon, FL.

  1. Do you store your vehicle inside and away from the elements? In our area, it’s inevitable that your car will get wet from the rain storms we endure regularly, but if you have a roof over it, it is less likely that your car will build up rusty wheel wells and bumpers.
  2. You may not think that keeping your car clean will do much, but if you do, rust won’t be likely to happen on your car. You car picks up a crazy amount of debris on the roadways that you drive everyday. All of the minerals and debris that can build up on an unwashed car can, and will eventually rust out the metal surrounding bumpers and wheel wells.

Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet! Stay tuned for our next blog to be posted on October 14th. We will be finishing off the last three ways that you can help your car to avoid rust! Come back and visit us soon, and until then, know that we are your go-to auto repair shop in the area.

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