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Preventative Maintenance Will Keep Your Car Going Strong

Preventative maintenance for your car is a lot like getting a regular checkup with your doctor. It's a chance to make sure things are running smoothly and catch any issues before they become serious. Here's a few tips we recommend to keep your car running longer and to reduce repair bills.

First, read the owner's manual. Most people don't do this, but if you take the time to crack it open you'll find lots of good info tat's relevant to your exact vehicle. You'll learn how often you should really get the oil changed, the right kind of oil to use and the correct kind of gas to put in the tank. Next, get your car washed on a regular basis. Not only will a sparkling car make you look better, but salt and sand used to keep roads clear can cause damage to the undercarriage. Make sure you also frequently inspect the car. Check to make sure front and back lights are functional. Every month or so, make sure the air pressure in the tires is where it needs to be. By doing this, you'll get better mileage and save money on gas costs. Finally, learn to check your fluid levels. The manual should tell you where and how to check levels for oil, transmission or antifreeze. If not, don't be afraid to pop the hood and try to find it yourself.

By following these rules, your car will have a long and healthy life. But if you need serious auto repair and maintenance, contact the friendly professionals at Clarke Automotive Systems.


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