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Brandon Car Repair Experts Explain Important Car Maintenance Items

As most of us know, cars that are more modern don't require as much maintenance as cars did back in, say, the 50's. That shouldn't give you a false sense of security, though, says the car repair experts in Brandon, FL. Here at Clarke Automotive, we try to educate our customers so that they can be proactive when it comes to their car. If you look in your car's manual, there are enough service reminders and maintenance points to make anyone's head spin, but fortunately you have us to help you.

There are a few main areas of your car that need to be kept up with.

Oil: It's been said that oil is much like blood for your car - without it, it dies. Oil keeps your car's engine parts rotating smoothly and working properly, but over time, the oil gets contaminated from exhaust gasses and small bits of metal. This contamination reduces the effectiveness of the oil, making it too thin. If it's too thin, it won't lubricate the engine.

Air filter: A clogged air filter can reduce your engine's gas mileage, horsepower, and even cause it to run rough or stall out. The frequency at which you change your oil filter varies upon how many miles you drive each year and the atmospheric conditions of where you mainly drive.

Brake pads: As your brake pads wear down, you'll hear a sreeching or scraping sound. This is due to the wear indicator getting closer to the brake rotor.

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