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A Trustworthy Mechanic Is As Important As A Good Doctor

Try to imagine this scenario. You're in your car, driving down your street. You're headed to work. Time is of the essence. Suddenly, something goes wrong with the car. Maybe the engine starts racing. Perhaps the timing belt breaks. Could be something simple, like a headlight goes out. Whatever the situation, you're now stressed out. Late for work! Now add to that stress the worry about where you'll take your car.

We all know the old cliche of the crooked auto mechanic. The guy who "finds" extra things wrong with your car, and you end up spending hundreds of dollars more than you anticipated. In this day and age, it's more important than ever to have an auto mechanic with integrity. You need someone who quotes you a fair price for the work they do, fix what they say they're going to fix, and make sure preventative measures are taken to head off trouble. So how do you make sure your mechanic is on the level? First, use your social network. When friends and family recommend someone for auto repair, you're getting an unbiased opinion. Checking out internet sites like Yelp can also be a great way to discover positives and negatives about businesses. But remember, watch for patterns. If one person posts a negative review, they might be an outlier. If several people say the same thing, it's wise to pay attention.

So if you're in Florida near Del Rio, Brandon or Riverview, contact Clarke Automotive Systems. If you're looking for competent, honest and quality work, you've come to the right place. That's what we do.


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