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Professional Timing-Belt Replacement in Brandon, FL

Let’s talk about a very important maintenance item – your auto's timing belt. A timing belt replacement is very crucial repair. Letting this slide can possibly lead to very expensive engine damage. Once a timing belt brakes, your auto will stop.

The timing belt choreographs the timing of your vehicle’s combustion process. The pistons travel up and down in your cylinder. Intake valves open at the right timing in order to let in fuel and air, they close at the right time to let the fuel to burn, and the exhaust valves also open at the right timing to let out the exhaust.

All of these happen thousands of times within a minute and it is your timing belt that ensures the valves are opening and closing at exactly the right time. If the timing is wrong, your engine will not run – and that’s the best case.

The worst case is that some valves are opening at the wrong time and collide with the piston. As a result, the valves may bent and may even create more damage to your cylinder head. Because of that, repairs can run several thousand dollars.

Now, timing belts wear out naturally so you want a timing belt replacement before it breaks or slips. You can check with your service advisor or you owner’s manual to see when they recommend to have your timing belt replaced. If you have never replaced your timing belt and already have 60,000 or more miles on your clock, talk to us right away to see if you are due.

On some car engines, the water pump is driven by a timing belt rather than a serpentine belt. In that case, it’s a better idea to replace the timing belt when you’re replacing the water pump, and vice versa since more of the same job has to be done for either. It also applies for the timing belt tensioner – it should often be inspected and possibly replaced.

It’s true that replacing a timing belt might be one of the expensive routine auto maintenance items on your service schedule. However, choosing not to replace your timing belt can soon lead to most expensive repairs that you’re likely to ever have.

Fortunately, Clarke Automotive Systems has certified and fully qualified auto mechanics equipped for efficient and fast timing belt replacement. All of our vehicle service and repair works are covered by warranty so our clients can rest easy and have the peace of mind they deserve.

Spotting Issues with Your Timing Belt

If you’re experiencing any of the issues below, then you may need to have an expert mechanic look at it your vehicle. The culprit is usually a badly worn timing belt that needs to be replaced .

  • Engine noises
  • Visible wear on the guides
  • Leaking timing belt oil seals
  • Visible wear on the edges or ribs of the belt
  • Noisy tensioner or timing belt

Our highly trained technicians are knowledgeable and equipped for all of your car repair, service and maintenance needs. We get the job finished efficiently and reasonably priced.

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Clarke Automotive Systems assures you that we use only the best quality parts, including fluids and oils – there are no exceptions! If you are looking for the a reliable., professional mechanic for your automobile, give us a call today! (813) 940-5744.

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