Fish Hawk, Florida

What To Do In Fish Hawk, Florida

Fish Hawk is an unincorporated area in Lithia located just sixteen miles east of Tampa and is part of Hillsborough County, Florida. Fish Hawk has a population of 14,087 as of the 2015 census and is a 16 square mile community made up of several subdivisions, located in Lithia. These subdivisions include Starling FishHawk, The Preserve, (both of which were originally an undeveloped wildlife habitat), and FishHawk Ranch.

Originally the area consisted of wooded areas and rail tracks that were used by CSX Transportation. A train station served as the main import and export mode for food, mail and supplies for the residents of Lithia. The train station is now gone as are the rail tracks which were removed in the late 1980s. Today FishHawk is the first green community in Hillsborough County and the largest green community in the Tampa area. The community preservation efforts of FishHawk have been honored by the state of Florida. FishHawk boasts the largest system of paved nature trails in the US, currently spanning 30 miles but constantly evolving and growing.