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When you drive, your engine generates serious  heat. Car engines run efficiently when they are warmed up, and the temperature is being maintained by many engine cooling parts – the cooling fans, radiator, thermostat, water pump, pressure cap, overflow tank reservoir, and coolant, to name a few. A problem with your radiator will cause bigger problems with your engine.  If an affordable radiator repair is something you need, come and see us.

We'll Take Care of Your Radiator Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your radiator, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop for complete radiator repair services. Our ASE certified and experience automotive service experts will begin with a cooling system diagnostic. In addition to that, we offer radiator replacement services for cars with damaged radiators. When it comes to repair services or replacement of your radiator, you can definitely count on Clarke Automotive Systems. Brandon, FL and surrounding areas have trusted our outstanding automotive and radiator repair services since 1978. Come see us today for your radiator repair service and experience the difference our team of experts and professionals makes.

Quality Radiator Flush Service

In order to keep the cooling systems of your car working properly, a radiator flush must be done at regular intervals based on the recommendations of your car manufacturer. Regular radiator flushes prevent debris and particles buildup within the cooling system of your car. If a vehicle goes too long without a radiator flush, debris and particles can start to block passages within the radiator and interrupt its ability to keep the engine cool as well as running at normal operating temperatures.

During a radiator flush, virtually all the old contaminants and coolant in the radiator are removed and then replaced with new coolant. Regular radiator flushes also keep your cooling system work properly and will protect your radiator system and engine for miles to come.

Our Radiator Flush Service Includes:

  • Radiator system inspection
  • Pressure test for leaks
  • Add flush chemicals to the radiator
  • Refill radiator system with anti-freeze

At Clarke Automotive Systems, we refuse to compromise on service quality. In all we do, our team of professionals strive hard to maintain a high quality standard for excellence. Our knowledgeable, friendly and highly trained auto repair professionals do their best to offer our customers with outstanding service, and we offer dependable radiator repairs and other auto services while keeping our rates affordable.

Get your radiator and cooling system fixed by our professional and certified car care specialists. Call us now or visit us at 131 Central Drive, Brandon, FL 33510 today to have your car serviced.

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