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Don't Let Engine Trouble Stop You

Whether your vehicle has an oil leak, blown head gasket, it's making noises, blowing smoke, or needs a complete engine reconditioning, our team of professional car care experts can help. Our fully qualified mechanics are all equipped and trained for engine repair work that gets you back on the road quickly and for the long haul.

At Clarke Automotive Systems, we can perform same or next day engine repair services for you. We can also replace or repair the harmonic balancer, engine mount, timing chain or timing belt, sump, oil pumps, camshaft, cylinder head, rear main seal, timing cover seal, flywheel, flex or drive plate, manifold, lifters, and valve cover gasket or any other gasket or seal.

Your engine is the most important part of your vehicle. If things go wrong here, your car simply won’t operate. Engine repair is definitely not a DIY project even though some think it is. As a matter of fact, you need to have the correct equipment as well as knowledge with what exactly you are doing.

The Right People for Your Engine Repair

Clarke Automotive Systems is proud of our ASE-certified master technicians in Brandon, FL. These masters of car service will inspect and ensure the certain type of repair is addressed. This includes the fuel injection system, transmission, or any other complex issues. If parts are needed for your engine repair service, we guarantee you that we only use the best genuine and top quality tested aftermarket engine parts.

We are a trusted car care service center with access to exactly what is really needed. Our team of professionals assures you that you’ll get only the best customer service possible. Our commitment and dedication to clients is actually one of the reasons why we remain on the top, making our high quality car service known throughout Brandon, FL and surrounding areas.

Quality Engine Repairs  & Tune-Up Services

Regular tune-ups of your engine bring efficiency and power back to your car. At Clarke Automotive Systems, we visually inspect all of the components of your engine and install new parts including fuel filters and spark plugs as needed.

After a complete engine tune-up in our shop, you will discover your engine to be more efficient as it starts easier and runs smoother. A regular engine tune-up also restores lost power, improves fuel economy and lowers emissions.

When you get engine tune-ups based on the manufacturer recommendation of your vehicle, you are investing in the long term health of your car, saving you money and time.

Our highly trained mechanics know that with each car engine comes a unique set of needs. Clarke Automotive Systems’ expert auto specialists will help you determine which service is right for your engine, based on the typical driving conditions and past use of your vehicle. To know what engine repair you might need, schedule an appointment today.

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