You don’t always need a scuba outfit to treasure hunt.  In Valrico, Florida, there are plenty of hidden treasures in the next boutique just around the corner.  And the best part is you don’t have to wear those heavy lead boots. So take a hit of oxygen from those tanks and dive into these fine stores for starters.  Happy hunting!

The Green Boutique

It’s a good thing they don’t put a time limit on browsing because you’ll be in here for hours.  They have everything you could possibly want: unique jewelry, specialty clothing, purses, mugs, cute saying wall plaques, and on and on.  You’ll have no problem finding something for the friends you miss back home.

Spend some time at:

1032 Bloomingdale Ave [Plaza Bella] Valrico, FL. 33596



Bugs and Fossils Jewelry

Does the thought of a spider on your hand and bugs around your neck send chills up your spine and a smile on your face?  Then you need to check out Bugs and Fossils Jewelry.  Handmade artisan jewelry of Lucite encased real bugs, insects, butterflies, and shells.  Nature preserved in all its beauty for you to enjoy.

Crawl around at:

131 N. Mt. Carmel Rd.
Valrico, FL 33594